Amazon Cloud Drive for Prime

If you’re a Prime member, here’s another perk – Free, unlimited cloud storage for all of your photos; regardless of size / quality. Google Photos offered something similar this year, up to 16 megapixel with a paid/storage usage option if your originals are higher resolution. The Amazon solution actually backs up digital negatives (DNG), so you can truly secure your original quality pictures, if you’re serious about photography.  I was just testing it out below, and sure enough – found a recent DNG of my dog, cleaned it up in Photoshop and posted. Shot this with my new Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 lens. Haven’t tried it outside just yet, but so far I love the lens – you can see the quality in the picture below. The Amazon cloud option is nice if you need to get to some original backups while you’re on the go!

Check it out here – Amazon Cloud Drive. For Prime members, you get free unlimited photo storage and 5 GB of video and files. You can pay $59.99 per year and get free unlimited everything. Definitely worth checking out!


Bruno Boy – Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8

Our East Coast Vacation, September 2015

We had a wonderful, one week vacation on the East Coast. It was packed full of adventure, new places to visit and see every day. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) a relaxing October to get caught up on pictures, and sleep! We spent time with family, toured parts of New Haven and East Haven, visited our Canadian friends who drove down to meet us in Saratoga Springs NY, spent a day in Newport RI at the Breakers and the mansions along the coast, and we ran around Manhattan for a day visiting Central Park, the 9/11 Memorial, the Empire State Building, Times Square and more (phew, was that a run-on sentence?).

I have a ton of pictures and some videos to share, so stay tuned. I’ll post those in separate posts next to break things out a bit. Since my Manhattan photos are done, I’ll start with those.

We arrived home to Fall harvest here in the Mid-West. The combines are out in the fields harvesting corn, the heat and humidity is gone, and we are really enjoying this perfect Fall weather. Stay tuned for some local harvest pictures as well.

2015 Is Here…!

Today, the first day of 2015, was a beautiful and sunny 35 degree day in central Iowa. My parents are in town and they head back to San Diego tomorrow morning. Southern California had their share of snow and cold weather this week, a highly unusual event. We’ve had a bitter chill happening here, but no snow unfortunately. We were hoping for a White Christmas and it didn’t happen. Shot some aerial video today; my Dad and I out running my dog and filming from my Quadcopter :

Wishing everyone a Happy 2015! Make this year the best…

Winter has arrived

It’s freezing here in the Mid-West. The high in Des Moines today was 12 degrees, but it felt like -10 with the brisk winter breeze. These are record lows for us San Diego natives. I think we’re in for a long duration of cold weather, and I’m actually wishing for some snow to come along. It just doesn’t seem right to be this bone-chilling cold without some snow to go along with it. I think it acts like a blanket, and keeps the ground and house protected from the piercing cold outside.

My parents are both San Diego natives and are visiting here for their first time. One heck of a first impression! It’s been a good week though, enjoying some time off work and spending time with family. We’ve been busy exploring Des Moines and checking out some new sites as well. So far, the highlight was probably lunch at Americana. It was our first time there, and we’ll definitely be back!


Americana – Des Moines

We also spent some time at the Poppajohn sculptures downtown as well. Really cool place to explore if you are in town.

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Bruno and the Snow! Thanksgiving in Des Moines, 2014

We got about 3″ of snow overnight. This is our second “real” snow this year and I’ve learned that I need a better snow blower. I found one on Craigslist that is two stage, and that’s what I need to really throw the snow out of here and clear the driveway quickly. Bruno is out having fun in it. Here are a few pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable extended weekend…

_DSC0771 _DSC0784 _DSC0821 _DSC0857

Halloween & Beggar’s Night

In Iowa, the people celebrate Halloween one night early; and it’s called Beggars Night. The kids trick or treat from 6pm-8pm with a hard stop, which is nice. They have jokes to tell as well, which we found pleasantly and unusually surprising – some funny ones too. Tomorrow night, Halloween, will be quiet – the trick or treating is done. Bruno had a great time seeing all of the kids, and everyone got a kick out of his monkey costume this year.

Bruno Boy and his monkey ears

Bruno Boy and his monkey ears


Bruno’s monkey sweater

Bruno Boy

Bruno stayed at our friends’ house over the weekend. We were not sure how he would do with children, since he hasn’t interacted with kids outside of our supervision. Needless to say, he did great – so we are extremely proud of him. By the end of the weekend, he was park of the family and didn’t want to leave. Hope he gets a chance to go back soon!

Bruno and Jordan laying in the sun…


Bruno and Jordan hanging out…

Jordan with his new buddy…