High Trestle Bridge, in Winter

There is an amazing trestle bridge just north of the Des Moines area in Central Iowa. The town is called Madrid, but it isn’t pronounced like the Madrid you and I know – they pronounce it Maadrid, which is a little odd but okay. I’ve been up to this trestle bridge a few times in the past, but with my new equipment I am able to get into tight spots from great distances, which I can appreciate in a shoot like this. There’s nowhere to park, for miles. I’ve never actually walked the bridge, but I hope to some day, once the snow melts. Anyway, here’s a quick video of my time up there the other day. I’ll post a few pictures here as well.

My New Aerial Drone Blog

I’ve been working on a little side project – Waukee Aerial LLC. You can pull it up at DSM.Photo; cool domain name, right?  I decided to check out Squarespace for the website and I’m really happy with it. It was a breeze to set up, the pricing isn’t bad, and it really gives photographers the power to build galleries quickly to showcase their work.  A new feature of the site is The Blog, and I just posted the first entry this evening. It’s going to be different from my blog here – this will continue to be used for my personal life, and the blog will be used to showcase some of the aerial projects I have going on, where I’ve been flying lately, how the seasons look from the air in Central Iowa, and shots like the one below – from San Diego last week… With my 333 exemption, pilots license, and fresh FAA registration, hopefully it’s time for lift off on this little side hobby. Tomorrow morning, I’m shooting on the front lines for the Waukee Fire Department. This one will be a volunteer job, but an exciting one to say the least. They are doing a controlled burn on an old house next to the Waukee Library. Check back for photos and videos – from the ground and the air!


Waukee I-80 Connector

Some of my aerials made it to the Des Moines Register this week! The city has been working on this connector since we moved here over a year ago. We’re looking forward to the convenience of hitting I-80 only minutes away from our home; we are not looking forward to the increase in traffic, but oh well. This area will be home to the new Kettlestone development – Retail shopping, apartments, overall major expansion in our little town of Waukee :

Here are a few of my aerials taken last week during the concrete pouring:

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Here’s some video from that day.

Glynn Village Construction

I’ve been doing a few more flights with my new Quadcopter lately. This one was shot in 4K and shows some of the new ground at the South end of Warrior Lane in Waukee. This will eventually connect to the dirt road, which will become Westown Parkway. Heading East, it will connect to the new Kettlestone development. I made a page to showcase this construction and Kettlestone. Click here! to see all of the pictures and videos.

DJI_0018_HDR DJI_00013_Pano DJI_0009_Pano

Booneville, IA – Train Bridge and Raccoon River

Here’s a cool video that I shot yesterday in Booneville, IA. It’s about 15 minutes from our home and a place that I haven’t been to before. I actually drove back over to get this video because I thought it was such a neat spot. The train bridge and the river beach were two cool highlights. We’ll be back, hopefully with the dog, this summer!

Waukee Back Country

Here’s a video I shot today of the back creeks and water tower by our home. I’ve been wanting to shoot this tower for quite some time, and the winds were calm enough today to attempt it. Someday, my goal is to take these clips and make a nice trailer of our area in central Iowa.

2015 Is Here…!

Today, the first day of 2015, was a beautiful and sunny 35 degree day in central Iowa. My parents are in town and they head back to San Diego tomorrow morning. Southern California had their share of snow and cold weather this week, a highly unusual event. We’ve had a bitter chill happening here, but no snow unfortunately. We were hoping for a White Christmas and it didn’t happen. Shot some aerial video today; my Dad and I out running my dog and filming from my Quadcopter :

Wishing everyone a Happy 2015! Make this year the best…