Waukee Easter Egg Hunt, 2016

Our local Parks & Recreation team put together another successful Easter Egg Hunt at Waukee’s Centennial Park. I captured some aerial photos and video again this year.


Here is the video that I created for the Parks & Rec. It was a nice volunteer opportunity for me. My Aerial Website can be found at http://dsm.photo


Waukee Easter Egg Hunt, 2016 from Cameron Stotz on Vimeo.

Short Clip on WHO TV, Channel 13

Our local Chief Meteorologist, Ed Wilson, gave me a nice “shout out” on the Channel 13 news a few nights ago. Occasionally, I will upload a nice weather related picture to Channel 13’s Facebook page; to share with all. Ed really delivered, giving a few surprising lines about my other pictures/videos and my YouTube presence. Check it out!


Cameron Stotz on Channel 13 – Ed Wilson from Cameron Stotz on Vimeo.


Cirque du Soleil – Toruk in KC

As stated in my previous post, we went to Kansas City over the weekend to see Toruk (Cirque) at the Sprint Center. Great venue, but the show wasn’t the greatest in my opinion. This was the sixth Cirque show that we’ve seen. We’ve seen a mix of traveling shows like Toruk, Corteo, Totem, Kooza, etc. and we’ve seen stationary shows in Las Vegas; like Ka, O, and Mystere. Toruk was based off of the movie Avatar. The set was nice and the story was great, but it missed the mark on the “Wow” factor. The acrobatics were not up to par with the other shows; again, my own opinion. While flash photo was not permitted, the ushers said we were allowed to take pictures and video, so we have a few pictures to share. During the show, they also promoted the audience to download their app. The app allowed for audience participation, which was neat. I’ll leave it at that, you’ll have to go see it in person to get more than that! Enjoy it for yourself…

KC Power and Light

While we were down in Kansas City over the weekend, we went to Toruk; a Cirque du Soleil show, at the Sprint Center. Right across the street from Sprint is the famous “Power and Light” district. Lots of cool restaurants and bars in an outside courtyard setting. A huge stage with projector TV is a great way to catch a game. We’ll be back, but next time we’ll get a hotel right there downtown. Staying 25-30 minutes outside of the city isn’t worth it.

High Trestle Bridge, in Winter

There is an amazing trestle bridge just north of the Des Moines area in Central Iowa. The town is called Madrid, but it isn’t pronounced like the Madrid you and I know – they pronounce it Maadrid, which is a little odd but okay. I’ve been up to this trestle bridge a few times in the past, but with my new equipment I am able to get into tight spots from great distances, which I can appreciate in a shoot like this. There’s nowhere to park, for miles. I’ve never actually walked the bridge, but I hope to some day, once the snow melts. Anyway, here’s a quick video of my time up there the other day. I’ll post a few pictures here as well.

New Years, 2016

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Make 2016 your best year yet! What are your new years resolutions? I usually don’t make them, so I’m not let down when I don’t meet them. It’s time to eat better, exercise more, lose some weight, and focus on my mental well being. These are goals that I will make happen in the first quarter of the year.

We had a great time last night. Our neighbors are so awesome – we really lucked out moving to a neighborhood like this. We would never find this kind of “family” connection in Southern California, that we’ve found here in Iowa. They really are like one big second family to us, and we love it here.

Here’s a link to some of our pictures from last night’s party