Iowa State Fair

I finally got around to going through some of the pictures and video from the Iowa State Fair. It was back in August and I’ve been really busy, but I threw together a quick little video that I wanted to share. It’s a pretty big “Ag-centric” fair, but a couple of the things I like are the early mechanization, the motors, and the tractors. This quick video showcases some of that. If you haven’t had a chance to attend, you should put it on your bucket list. They have a “butter cow” sculpted entirely from butter, and a ton of other “uniquely Iowa” displays.

Fall Harvest in Central Iowa

We’ve lived in Iowa a little over a year now. I’ve been waiting all year to get some aerial video of this and today it finally happened. We’ve watched this corn grow since March or April, so it was neat to see a full annual cycle. Took a bunch of Harvest pictures as well that I’ll put together into a slideshow and share, so check back!

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Our East Coast Vacation, September 2015

We had a wonderful, one week vacation on the East Coast. It was packed full of adventure, new places to visit and see every day. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) a relaxing October to get caught up on pictures, and sleep! We spent time with family, toured parts of New Haven and East Haven, visited our Canadian friends who drove down to meet us in Saratoga Springs NY, spent a day in Newport RI at the Breakers and the mansions along the coast, and we ran around Manhattan for a day visiting Central Park, the 9/11 Memorial, the Empire State Building, Times Square and more (phew, was that a run-on sentence?).

I have a ton of pictures and some videos to share, so stay tuned. I’ll post those in separate posts next to break things out a bit. Since my Manhattan photos are done, I’ll start with those.

We arrived home to Fall harvest here in the Mid-West. The combines are out in the fields harvesting corn, the heat and humidity is gone, and we are really enjoying this perfect Fall weather. Stay tuned for some local harvest pictures as well.

Waukee I-80 Connector

Some of my aerials made it to the Des Moines Register this week! The city has been working on this connector since we moved here over a year ago. We’re looking forward to the convenience of hitting I-80 only minutes away from our home; we are not looking forward to the increase in traffic, but oh well. This area will be home to the new Kettlestone development – Retail shopping, apartments, overall major expansion in our little town of Waukee :


Here are a few of my aerials taken last week during the concrete pouring:

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Here’s some video from that day.

Airshow – Mason City, IA

We drove a couple of hours north to Mason City Iowa a couple of weekends ago, for the Mason City airshow. It was a really cool event, complete with helicopter rides (a cobra and a huey), a P-51, and a large collection of other vintage planes on display. Our friends invited us and we had VIP airfield access, so it was a once-in-a-lifetime event for sure.


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Penoach’s Summer Concerts – Adel, IA

Our favorite local wine stop, Penoach Vineyard & Wineary, hosts a summer concert series on Friday nights. This was our first, and the headliner happened to be The Back Stage Boogie Band! They were great, and the BBQ food truck was the best we’ve had in a while – Adventure Barbecue – Wow! Here are a few pictures from the night, we’ll definitely be back!

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For those of you who haven’t seen fireflies, like us a year ago, here’s a little clip!


Annual 4th of July Block Party!

Our neighbors host an annual 4th of July block party. This was our first time going, since we moved in July 25th of last year and missed it. Our neighborhood has probably doubled in size over the past year though, so it was great to meet a bunch of new faces. Had a great time catching up with some of our closest friends as well. Here’s a video that I put together, after the event.

Celebration in Brass. Waukee, IA 7-2-2015

We stumbled upon this Celebration in Brass event in the park by our house last night, on our evening walk. I had to go for the aerial on it and also got some cool practicing in Waukee Centennial Park before they went live at the High School football field. Some amazing talent here. These are the Santa Clara Vanguard practicing at the end.