4th of July

Annual 4th of July Block Party!

Our neighbors host an annual 4th of July block party. This was our first time going, since we moved in July 25th of last year and missed it. Our neighborhood has probably doubled in size over the past year though, so it was great to meet a bunch of new faces. Had a great time catching up with some of our closest friends as well. Here’s a video that I put together, after the event.

4th of July, 2014

We relaxed this 4th of July. San Diego’s Big Bay Boom, famous for the big bay blunder in 2012 when all of the fireworks accidentally went off at once, brought tens of thousands of people to the shorefront. We’re not keen on crowds so we opted out and decided to stay in Ramona for the small town Ramona fireworks show at the High School. It was actually a great show with a huge turnout. Next year, we’ll be watching the show at Waukee Centennial Park from the comfort of our own back deck at home.

How did you spend your 4th of July? Hope it was a good one…

Ramona Fireworks, 2014

Ramona Fireworks, 2014