Des Moines Sculpture Park

We had some friends in town last weekend, and decided to have an amazing brunch at Americana РHighly Recommended!  Directly across the street from Americana is the Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Downtown Des Moines. A great place to burn off a few calories from brunch; be sure to check it out if you are visiting Des Moines!




Winter has arrived

It’s freezing here in the Mid-West. The high in Des Moines today was 12 degrees, but it felt like -10 with the brisk winter breeze. These are record lows for us San Diego natives. I think we’re in for a long duration of cold weather, and I’m actually wishing for some snow to come along. It just doesn’t seem right to be this bone-chilling cold without some snow to go along with it. I think it acts like a blanket, and keeps the ground and house protected from the piercing cold outside.

My parents are both San Diego natives and are visiting here for their first time. One heck of a first impression! It’s been a good week though, enjoying some time off work and spending time with family. We’ve been busy exploring Des Moines and checking out some new sites as well. So far, the highlight was probably lunch at Americana. It was our first time there, and we’ll definitely be back!


Americana – Des Moines

We also spent some time at the Poppajohn sculptures downtown as well. Really cool place to explore if you are in town.

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