Torrey Pines Drone Shots

On a recent trip to Southern California, I packed up the Phantom 3 Professional and brought it out there with me for the week. I ended up getting a few great shots while I was there. The terrain is so much different than the mid-west. It’s really flat here in Iowa, so when I have the chance to explore the mountains or the beaches from the air – I can’t pass it up! This shot was from the Amtrak construction underway, reconstructing the bridge through the lagoon near Torrey Pines. The rail line is still active, as a few trains went by me that afternoon. I tried to get some shots of the train, but it just didn’t work out that day.


Torrey Pines Lagoon


Amtrak Construction – Torrey Pines


Torrey Pines – Looking South

Ramona, California – Woodward Museum

To expand a little more on my hometown, Ramona, CA, I thought I would take a little bit of airport time here to do a quick write-up; while I’ve got some time to burn. I lived in Ramona from around 1985 to 2000, so I saw it grow and change quite a bit over the course of 15 years. Anyone living in Ramona is familiar with the name “Woodward”; we knew it as the country store in the middle of town. Turns out, the Woodwards have been in Ramona for generations, and Ken Woodward (son of Guy Woodward) is running the Guy Woodward History Museum on Main Street in Ramona. I’ve seen this quaint little museum for years, and yesterday we decided to pay the $5 cover and check it out.

The Woodward Museum. Ramona, CA

The Woodward Museum. Ramona, CA

We were so glad that we decided to do it – we had a personalized tour with Ken for the next hour and a half. He took us through the house, each bedroom, and explained how things were in the late 1800’s. What an amazing history lesson, and so engaging!

Dining Room - Woodward Museum

Dining Room – Woodward Museum

Piano from France - 1800's

Piano from France – 1800’s

After the home tour, we went to the back and explored an old school house, a fire truck, an old 1940’s homemade RV, a dress shop, the blacksmith shop, the tack room, the jail, and more. This little gem is amazing; so if you live there or you’re just passing through, be sure to stop and take a personal tour with Ken Woodward. You definitely won’t regret it!

The old Ramona Firetruck

The old Ramona Firetruck

The old School House

The old School House

An old Chevy, Homemade RV

An old Chevy, Homemade RV

To learn more about Ramona, from nomadic times, through the western area, to today… Wikipedia is a pretty good place to start :,_California

Hermosa Beach – California

I’ve been working in Torrance CA for about a year now, and one of my favorite places to unwind would have to be the Hermosa Beach Pier area. Lots of neat restaurants in the courtyard area, the beautiful Pacific Ocean which you can access by beach or walk over by pier, and a nightlife that will keep you entertained to the early hours of the morning.

Hermosa Beach Pier area

Hermosa Beach Pier Area

I found a great little pizza shop where you can buy slices for a few bucks; it’s called Pisano’s Pizza, so check that out if you’re in the area –

The best Gelato in the world (in my opinion) is at a little shop next to the pizza place, called Paciugo – It looks like they have a lot of locations, so check them out. An amazing combo suggestion is the Mediterranean Sea Salt, Black Cherry, and Creme Brûlée – Only a suggestion, but check them out because you will find a ton of amazing flavors. At around $5 bucks, for three flavors, you can’t go wrong.

Paciugo Gelato - The Best!

Paciugo Gelato – The Best!

Here’s a shot of a neat surfer statue at the pier’s entrance. The beach to the north is lined with volleyball courts, to the south is open to sunbathers and swimmers. Seems to be a popular spot in the summer time; a lot quieter in the off seasons.

Surfer Statue - Hermosa Beach Pier

Surfer Statue – Hermosa Beach Pier

And finally, check out Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ in the courtyard at Hermosa Beach. For $35 you can share a combo “The Carnival Plate” that you will never forget! Amazing meats, salad, and veggies comes out on a giant platter. BBQ Chicken, Tri-Tip Steak, Calabreza Sausage – Amazing! The two of you will leave completely full. And don’t leave without drinking a few Caipirinha’s – Enjoy!

Silvio's Brazilian BBQ

Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ