Iowa Summer Sunsets

Here are a few more aerial sunsets. This is the perfect time of year to fly in Iowa (mid-summer). It’s time for the state’s annual RAGBRAI bike ride, and the Indianola Hotair Balloon Festival; The Hotair Balloon Classic. I take advantage of the low winds to get out and capture some great images of our midwest views.

Short Clip on WHO TV, Channel 13

Our local Chief Meteorologist, Ed Wilson, gave me a nice “shout out” on the Channel 13 news a few nights ago. Occasionally, I will upload a nice weather related picture to Channel 13’s Facebook page; to share with all. Ed really delivered, giving a few surprising lines about my other pictures/videos and my YouTube presence. Check it out!


Cameron Stotz on Channel 13 – Ed Wilson from Cameron Stotz on Vimeo.


Sunset in Booneville, IA

Last night, I scrambled to find a new place to photograph another amazing Iowa sunset. I jumped in the car and headed west around 8:30pm (Sunset is 8:45pm). After about 10 minutes of driving, the sun was disappearing on the horizon and I thought I missed it; oh well, I thought, I’ll get some cool sky colors about 10-15 minutes after sunset and call it a night. After cresting the final hill, I caught a glimpse, pulled the car over and ran across the street. This is in Booneville, Iowa – And I’m glad I caught it!

Sunset in Booneville, IA

Sunset in Booneville, IA – 7-18-2015