Old San Juan, PR, 2015

When we did the Southern Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Victory in 2012, we spent a few days in Old San Juan before the cruise since our ship left from there. It gave us a chance to really explore the area on foot. We toured the forts, ate the local fare, and enjoyed some nightlife – wandering the streets of downtown in the late hours. We walked miles and miles over the course of three days. This time, while stopping here on the Carnival Breeze, we had a day to hit the streets and explore. We walked a few of the side streets, headed up to one of the forts, took some pictures over the ocean, and headed back to the ship. It wasn’t too exciting, but we didn’t have big plans for this port. Old San Juan is a great place to visit and I highly recommend staying there for a few days if you get the chance. Lots of old culture, great food, and really nice people. Just be aware of your surroundings because there are some ‘unsafe’ areas – but Old San Juan is generally safe from what we’ve gathered throughout our travels here. A few pictures from this year’s visit :

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Antigua, 2015

Our second stop on the Carnival Breeze was in Antigua; our first time here. We decided to do like we did in St. Lucia a few years ago, find a trustworthy driver and pay them to give us a personal tour for a few hours. It was a great day and I’m glad that we decided to do that. We toured through some of the rural areas and up into the hills to see some amazing views of the ocean and bays below. One memorable area was Nelson’s Dockyard, we saw it from above and then ventured down into the area. We left thinking it would be a great place to spend a week on vacation some time. Definitely on our bucket list! A few photos from Antigua :

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St. Thomas, 2015

After departing Miami on the Carnival Breeze, we had two days at sea. We really enjoy the sea days because it’s an opportunity to explore the ship, relax in the sun, enjoy our balcony, and get the vacation rhythm going. Our first stop was St. Thomas, which we were excited to re-visit. Our previous trip to St. Thomas was a few years ago and we enjoyed spending the day at Coki Beach, where I snorkeled and we drank frozen rum drinks on the beach. Since it was such a success in 2012, we decided to do the same thing this time; again a success. The ocean water here is crystal clear, with white sand beach and a ton of fish! Here’s the little snorkel video that I made, although I made it on a whim on our trip. I’ll have to go through the rest of my video and knock out a better one soon!


Upcoming Cruises

We booked our 2015, 8 day cruise in the Caribbean, going to two new places – Nassau, Bahamas and Antigua; and two familiar places – San Juan, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. This is also a new ship for us, the Carnival Breeze, so we are really excited about that. This morning, we placed a hold on a sweeping aft balcony on the brand new Carnival Vista for August 2016 in the Mediterranean. This 8 day cruise is a busy one, ports of call are : Barcelona, Spain; Sicily, Naples, Rome, Livorno/Pisa in Italy; Marseilles (Provence), France; Palma de Mallora, Spain and back to Barcelona. We’ve been waiting to do a European vacation for years and the time has come. These are all new destinations for us, and we are really excited about all of the stops in Italy especially; with a taste of France and Spain too! Stay tuned, I’ll be posting soon on the Carnival Breeze! In the meantime, I’ve finally got around to scouring all of the pictures and videos over the years and I have a lot of reviews to do from the five or six other Carnival cruises we’ve done.