Glynn Village Prairie Burn, Nov 2015

Every year, our property management company performs a controlled (prescribed) burn of our prairie grass areas. I filmed this burn today at Glynn Village in Waukee, Iowa. The burn is done to help promote growth of native grasses and wildflowers. The prairie acts as a natural stormwater filtration and retention system. I shot this aerial video with my DJI Phantom 3 Pro in 4K.

Here is a little video filmed from the ground in our neighborhood from about six years ago.

If you want to learn more about prescribed burns and prairie conservation environments, check out this video.

Prairie Burn 2

Prairie Burn – Glynn Village – Waukee, IA

Prairie Burn 1

Prairie Burn – Glynn Village – Waukee, IA

Our East Coast Vacation, September 2015

We had a wonderful, one week vacation on the East Coast. It was packed full of adventure, new places to visit and see every day. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) a relaxing October to get caught up on pictures, and sleep! We spent time with family, toured parts of New Haven and East Haven, visited our Canadian friends who drove down to meet us in Saratoga Springs NY, spent a day in Newport RI at the Breakers and the mansions along the coast, and we ran around Manhattan for a day visiting Central Park, the 9/11 Memorial, the Empire State Building, Times Square and more (phew, was that a run-on sentence?).

I have a ton of pictures and some videos to share, so stay tuned. I’ll post those in separate posts next to break things out a bit. Since my Manhattan photos are done, I’ll start with those.

We arrived home to Fall harvest here in the Mid-West. The combines are out in the fields harvesting corn, the heat and humidity is gone, and we are really enjoying this perfect Fall weather. Stay tuned for some local harvest pictures as well.

Waukee I-80 Connector

Some of my aerials made it to the Des Moines Register this week! The city has been working on this connector since we moved here over a year ago. We’re looking forward to the convenience of hitting I-80 only minutes away from our home; we are not looking forward to the increase in traffic, but oh well. This area will be home to the new Kettlestone development – Retail shopping, apartments, overall major expansion in our little town of Waukee :


Here are a few of my aerials taken last week during the concrete pouring:

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Here’s some video from that day.

Glynn Village Construction

I’ve been doing a few more flights with my new Quadcopter lately. This one was shot in 4K and shows some of the new ground at the South end of Warrior Lane in Waukee. This will eventually connect to the dirt road, which will become Westown Parkway. Heading East, it will connect to the new Kettlestone development. I made a page to showcase this construction and Kettlestone. Click here! to see all of the pictures and videos.

DJI_0018_HDR DJI_00013_Pano DJI_0009_Pano

Iowa Corn and Train Tracks

I was out last night shooting pictures with my Nikon and my quadcopter. Finally got some cool shots of the maturing corn in the neighborhood. It’s really taking off and it’s hard to describe to friends and family back home in California. I hope this picture does it justice! Also got some artsy shots down by the train tracks in Booneville / Van Meter Iowa. Here are a couple.

July Corn Fields. Waukee, IA. 7/18/2015

July Corn Fields. Waukee, IA. 7/18/2015

July Corn Fields. Waukee, IA. 7/18/2015

July Corn Fields. Waukee, IA. 7/18/2015

Train Tracks in Booneville, IA. 7/18/2015

Train Tracks in Booneville, IA. 7/18/2015